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Trinity Energy Storage

Trinity Energy Storage is a Spanish energy company that promotes, operates, and maintains underground energy storage facilities. It operates the UGS “Marismas”, located in the southwest of Spain, included in the national gas network, and several gas fields located in the Aznalcázar area, nearby Marismas UGS. These fields are close to depletion, and they all have been tested as perfect UGS. 

It also maintains a significant research activity on renewable gases and hydrogen storage projects, which translates in the collaboration in several projects related to the investigation of the storage of energy in the underground such as UNDERGY and UES365, partially financed by European Funds and Spanish Government, respectively.

Our commitment to innovation and sustainability together with our expertise in storage projects position us as a trusted partner in the energy sector.

Project Goals

Trinity is keen to work with all the partners of EUH2STARS, sharing knowledge and experience. We strongly believe that EU members collaboration is essential in the development of the future European hydrogen network, which includes the UHS framed in EUH2STARS project.

The experience gained in the Rubensdorf demonstrator, and the rest of replicators will assist Trinity on the development of its future Aznalcázar underground hydrogen storage. This is nearby Huelva, which is one of the most important Spanish H2 valleys and close to planned H2 transport infrastructure supported by the Spanish administration and included in the latest European PCI published.

“Trinity Energy Storage is delighted to be part of EUH2STARS, as a member of the top European underground hydrogen storage pathfinders, making available its underground infrastructures to the future European hydrogen network. Trinity is strongly committed to the sustainable development of the society, guaranteeing the supply of green and safe energy. In this sense, seasonal storage, by means of UHS, is a key factor to achieve net zero emission objectives”, says Julio Matesanz, Trinity Exploration Manager.

Trinity Energy Storage
Edif. Arqborea – C/Quintanadueñas, 6
28050 Madrid

Contact Person

Cristina Yuste Fernández

UHS Project Leader
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