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The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)

TNO, the largest independent applied research organisation in the Netherlands, connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the competitive strength of industry and the wellbeing of society in a sustainable way. TNO’s ambition is to create impact through innovation in addressing important societal and technological challenges. As a leading interdisciplinary research organisation, TNO performs research on a wide range of energy-related topics to accelerate the energy transition in the Netherlands and Europe. A key focus area is hydrogen, where TNO is working on technologies and innovations for production, transport, storage, and use of (especially) green hydrogen as an energy carrier. 

Project Goals

TNO’s objectives in the EUH2STARS project are to contribute with our specific in-depth know-how, expertise, and tooling to (1) derisking underground hydrogen storage in depleted gas fields and addressing upscaling challenges by demonstration, and to (2) increasing the confidence level of stakeholders in this technology with the aim to improve societal embeddedness.

“TNO is proud to be part of the EUH2STARS project. EUH2STARS enables us to exploit the results from ongoing and recently completed research projects, among which the European-funded HyUSPRe project, to further advance the readiness level of underground hydrogen storage towards demonstration at scale. We are confident that the EUH2STARS project consortium under the leadership of RAG, and with key players active in underground storage from several countries in Europe, will be able via EUH2STARS to demonstrate that hydrogen can be safely, reliably and economically stored in underground natural gas reservoirs in Europe”, says Remco Groenenberg, lead scientist Subsurface Energy Storage at TNO.

The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)
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Senior Project Manager
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