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Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN)

Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN) is a unique company in the energy sector that is wholly owned by the Dutch State. Known as a ‘policy holding’, it comes under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. EBN was founded 50 years ago to represent the government’s interests in the extraction of energy resources – initially oil and gas – from Dutch soil. In light of the transition towards an energy supply from renewable sources in the Netherlands, EBN is putting its knowledge, skills and financial clout behind collective efforts to accelerate the development of a sustainable energy system. Specifically, EBN works to green the gas system, helps accelerate the heat transition and responsible carbon transport and storage, and contributes to the creation of the sustainable energy system of the future. In doing so, we always work with partners and with the public interest in mind: we work at the service of Dutch society as a whole. EBN employs over 190 people and is based in Utrecht.

Project Goals

The development of the hydrogen value chain is important towards a NetZero energy system. Timely availability of hydrogen storages is essential for that value chain. The first hydrogen storage in the Netherlands will be operational around 2030. Thereafter, much more storage demand is foreseen, and options for hydrogen storage in the Dutch subsurface must be validated in time. With EBN’s participation in EUH2STARS essential insights will become available to support the Dutch society and government towards safe and sustainable development of hydrogen storages in the Netherlands.

Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN)
Daalsesingel 1
3511 SV Utrecht
The Netherlands

Contact Person

Bastiaan Jaarsma

UHS programme coordinator
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