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LINZ AG for energy, telecommunications, transport, and municipal services

LINZ AG is a multi-utility provider offering its services and products to the inhabitants of the city of Linz and 117 other communities. The reliable supply of 400,000 customers with water and energy, and the disposal of waste and sewage are just as much part of LINZ AG’s responsibilities as the provision of public transport services and the management of municipal cemeteries. In addition, the river port in Linz operated by LINZ AG and the telecom services provided by LINZ AG are of great importance to businesses based in Linz and its surroundings. LINZ AG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stadt Linz Holding GmbH and employs a staff of more than 3,200.

Project Goals

LINZ AG’s aim is to establish key partnerships for a sustainable transformation of the energy system in Linz. In a collaborative effort of storage facility operators, research institutions and LINZ AG as an energy supplier, existing natural gas storage facilities are to be converted into economically viable hydrogen storage facilities. LINZ AG intends to evaluate the hydrogen compatibility of the combined heating and power plant in Southern Linz and its infrastructure and, together with its partners, simulate the generation of electricity and district heat from sustainable hydrogen taken from the evaluated storage facilities.

“As a utility company, LINZ AG is constantly working toward leveraging the potential of sustainable alternative fuels such as hydrogen, implementing measures that help us get fit for a future in which this energy carrier is put to great use. EUH2STARS, a trendsetting project of the European Union, represents a major milestone in this quest. As an energy supplier, our long-term goal is to use hydrogen as an energy vector for the seasonal storage of excess energy in summer for use in winter. During the cold season, LINZ AG will thus be able to supply people and businesses within its supply area with green electricity and green district heating produced from climate-neutral hydrogen”, says Erich Haider, General Manager of LINZ AG.

Wiener Straße 151
4021 Linz

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Dominik Matheisl

Hydrogen Officer of LINZ AG
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Susanne Gillhofer
Press relations officer of LINZ AG
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