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AGGM Austrian Gas Grid Management AG

AGGM as the Austrian market and distribution area manager acts for over 20 years as independent system operator and plans the gas infrastructure for methane but also for hydrogen in Austria. This is done in cooperation with the gas and electricity grid operators using an integrated approach that takes all energy sectors into account. This ensures the availability of the gas infrastructure in line with demand.  The integration of renewable energies, uninterrupted gas supply for all Austrian end consumers and transparent communication are AGGM's key objectives. Due to the long execution of AGGM’s legal tasks, it can show fundamental knowledge about the Austrian distribution network and the transmission network.

Project Goals

AGGM's aim in the EUH2STARS project is to create a hydraulic model that reflects the integration of underground hydrogen storage (UHS) into the Austrian hydrogen gas grid. Thereby a market-oriented and operational concept for the UHS is to be developed. This will be based on profiles of decentralized generation, profiles of consumers of the Austrian market, seasonal storage, and the connection to the European hydrogen backbone (EHB) for the import and export of renewable hydrogen. 

“I am delighted that AGGM is part of the EUH2STARS project. Over the past two years, AGGM has drawn up the H2-Roadmap for Austria, which shows the needs-based development of the hydrogen infrastructure in Austria from 2026 to 2050 and was confirmed by the Ministry of Climate Action in the Austrian network infrastructure plan. Hydrogen storage facilities are an essential part of this infrastructure. The EUH2STARS project is an important contribution to the actual development of the hydrogen infrastructure”, says Helmut Wernhart, Lead of Infrastructure development, AGGM.

AGGM Austrian Gas Grid Management AG 
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Helmut Wernhart

Lead Infrastructure development
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