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Work Package 6

Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication 

The overall objective of WP 6 is to widely communicate the project and disseminate results to maximise impact during and after the project lifespan, building and maintaining strong ties with the targeted stakeholder groups as identified in section 2 (among which policy makers, industry, scientific and non-scientific audiences, including the general public). WP 6 will support all project WPs in communicating and disseminating their progress and their coherent and accessible results to these target groups. The strategic goal of these actions is to build recognition for the demonstration and feasibility of a smart, economic and energy efficient operation of a hydrogen storage facility in depleted natural gas reservoirs, including options for replication at other European sites, and integration in a near-future energy system.

Lead of Work Package 6:

The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)
Princetonlaan 6
3584 CB Utrecht
The Netherlands